The Hévíz lake is the world’s biggest biologically active natural medicinal lake. Its temperature is the result of the cold and warm springs’ water gushing from the depth of the earth, which get mixed in the spring cave at 38 meters at a rate of 410 litres 40 °C (104 °F) water per second. Due to this abundance, the whole amount of water in the lake gets replenished every three days. The temperature of the lake on the surface reaches 37-38 °C (98.6-100.4 °F) and it does not go below 24-26 °C (75.2-78.8 °F) even in winter, which makes it suitable for bathing all the year round.

The most beautiful plant of the lake is the water-lily which has become the symbol of Hévíz. The flowering of the strictly protected plants begins at the beginning of summer and lasts till the end of November.

The Hévíz lake is unparalleled in treating and curing patients suffering from rheumatic and locomotor problems. Its health-keeping force, rich mineral content facilitates the treatment of other diseases as well. The Hévíz treatment is suitable for not only curing people but for prevention and relaxation as well. There is ample choice for those who are in for wellness and a healthy way of life.

If the guests refreshed by the spa treatment feel like going for a walk, grabbing a delicious bite or good wines, then they should head for the row of cellars in Egregy, where there are a number of ‘watering holes’, wine cellars, wine pubs and restaurants offering vintage wines and delicious dishes. In the evenings, exhibitions, cultural events, music and dance await those who are looking for entertainment.